Rijeka and Crikvenica riviera

Rijeka and Crikvenica

Rijeka and Crikvenica Riviera are situated north on the Adriatic coast. The most important centers in the region are Rijeka, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski and Senj. These towns all have significant cultural heritage, while tourism and lovely locations offer numerous possibilities for sport activities and exploration of nature. In Rijeka, one can go hunting as well since various types of wildlife have settled there. Lovers of history will find here numerous places for sightseeing, monuments, cathedrals and fortresses a well as National park Risnjak. Around the city of Rijeka one may visit also the walls that once protected the city from the invaders. Novi Vinodolski is also known for a city centre called Novljan which represented the center of old croatian aristocratic families in 13th century – Zrinski and Frankopan.
Lovers of sport and adventure have numerous possibilities like rafting on Kupa, fishing in river Gacka, hiking, hunting, cycling, diving and tennis. Region is know for exquisite traditional specialties like scamps in vine, Frankopan cake, cooked fish and batuda – a traditional dish meal of beans, corn and meat.

The history of Rijeka dates back to the period of Celtic tribes which inhabited the area. It is believed that it first name was Tarsa which I Celtic means – a hill near the river. During the period of roman dominion the city was named Trsatica. In the 8th century the region populate the Croatians and form a new settlement called REKA (Rika) with towers, streets and squares. 17th century is the beginning of prosperity when the city becomes the centre of art, trade and education. Jesuit gymnasium was founded then and it was first on the Adriatic. Rijeka was almost for 3 centuries under the reign of Austrian monarchy, until 1918. Its influence significantly contributed to its development, architecture, education, art. During the walk along the city you will find many interesting sights among which the best known are Municipal palace, Dominican monastery, governor’s palace, palace of the court and the remnants of antique castrum.

Kraljevica is a city near Rijeka, only 26 km towards the south. It is a favorite tourist destination due to the interesting geographical position and magnificent sandy and pebbly beaches. It is one of the newer towns on the Adriatic, but still, it is an important tourist destination and a port where ships are being built.
Kraljevica is surrounded by pine woods where a camp-site is located. It is an ideal place for people with respiratory difficulties due to particularly clean air which streams from the nearby mountains and rich vegetation. Kraljevica is a popular tourist site that offers many facilities to its guests–sport activities like sailing, diving and other sport activities, while good summer program is just one part of the excellent tourist offer of this lovely Mediterranean town.


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