Šibenik riviera


Šibenik is the oldest town on our coast, located on the central part of Croatian Adriatic coast, in a scenic, indented bay, at the Krka river mouth. It is situated on the hillsides in the north of the bay, and it is surrounded by the fortresses Saint Michael, Saint John, and Subicevac. In the old part of the town, the houses are made of stone and closely built, and the streets are narrow and crooked with lots of steps and vaulted passages. Every year, The Klapa Music Nights are held in the second half of August. The entire event enfolds on a beautiful square surrounded by old stone houses, in the old town of Sibenik.
Šibenik's Town Museum is open all year. It has occasional and standing exhibitions. It is located in the former Prince's Palace by the Cathedral of Saint Jacob. You should also visit Art Gallery of Saint Grisogono. The gallery exhibits the works of modern Croatian artists.

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