Sightseeing : Rafting on Cetina


Departure: at 9:00 or 14:00
Return: at 16:00 or 21:00
Rafting season: 01.04. – 01.10.
Transfer: minibus (8+1 persons)

Rafting on Cetina is among the most favorite sports in Omiš region. River Cetina is almost 100 km long, it wells under the mountain Dinara but its strength is used fort he work of few hydroelectric power plant so its flow is never to strong and dangerous. Descent lasts for about 4 hours and takes place on 9 km of Cetina in rubber boats which can accommodate 8 persons. Village Penšići is a starting point. During rafting countryside varies from moderate currents, waterfalls and tunnels to intertwined branches and rich vegetation by the coast. Rafting guide will provide you with a waistcoat, helmet and a paddle. It is highly recommended to bring dry clothes, swimming suit and a towel which will remain protected during the drive in a special container. Rafting ends in Radmanove mlinice, a magnificent location by the river were lunch can be arranged in advanced.

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