Sightseeing : Međugorje

Sanctuary of the Blessed Lady

Drive to Međugorje, one of the most important sanctuaries in the world visited yearly by a million of pilgrims. It is situated near Čitluk in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it became famous for the appearing of Virgin Mary. On the hill Križevac (above Međugorje there is a statue of the Queen of the peace put in honor of 20 years of apparition, as well as the large cross which the inhabitants put in memory of Jesus' torment. After the Virgin Mary had appeared, the way of cross was established and its stops were marked by bronze reliefs. Many pilgrims and worshippers confirm the miracles of Blessed lady. After the tour of the way of cross, you can attend the mess or see the church area. Then we continue our excursion towards the Red lake and the Blue lake which are the natural phenomena in the carst area because of their color and structure of the stones which surround them. Actually, Red lake has blue-colored water but it owes its name to the stones that shape it. It is one of the most profound lakes in carst area and it had numerous underground cavities. Descent to the lakes is very steep and difficult, and the first time it occurred was in 1998.


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