Sightseeing : National Park Krka

Visovac - Roški slap - Skradinski buk

Departure: 08:00
Return: 21:00
Transfer: minibus (8+1 persons)

We come to pick you up directly in the hotel or on the appointed place in the morning hours (8:00-9:00). Driving will last for about an hour an a half in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle to National park Krka, situated about 20 km before Šibenik. Driver will introduce you with the staff of the NP which is informed about your boat excursion reservation. You can walk around the park, explore the pathways and bridges and then take the boat to see the slopes from close. In the park you will see cascades and slopes among which Roški slap and Skradinski buk are the most beautiful. In the middle of the river Krka there is a little island called Visovac which was inhabited by hermits already in 15. century. One km upstream there is Roški slope, made of 12 smaller slopes. During the tour you will see the remnants of the fortresses Trošen and Nečven from 15. century which were once the strongest on the river. During the invasion of Turks, these were important Turkish administrative centers, but in 18. century they loose their importance because of geographical position. Tour continues towards Skradinski buk – the greatest slope on the river, which is sporadically even up to 400 m wide. Here you can visit the old stone mills which operated by the strength of the slopes, a museum and an ethnographic collection. 4 hours excursion includes:
- a boat drive to island Visovac
- visit to franciscan monastery, sightseeing
- a drive through the canyon to Roški slope
- continuation of the tour towards Skradinski buk
- a visit to ethno collection, stone mills, old weave shop with a practical demonstration of its work

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