Sightseeing : National Park Plitvice


Departure at 08:00
Return: at 21:00 sat
Transfer: minibus (8+1 persons)

Departure from Split in early morning hours. The driver to National park plitvice lasts fro about two hours and a half. Plitvice are the only national park in Croatia under the protection of UNESCO.. It spreads over 30 thousand hectars of woods and mounts which people in the past used to call The devils garden. Plitvice are known for 16 breathtaking cascade lakes which flow from higher to lower ones, and which had been created by mystical work of simple plants algae and moss.You can row in the greatest lake on Plitvice – Kozjak or go for a tour with an eco boat up to Higher slopes. Due to dense woods and rocky areas, all parts of the National park aren't available, but the possibilities of exploring are numerous: by rowing, walking over bridges and pathways, cycling, mountaneering towards Seliški vrh – the highest mount on Plitvice or to ski during winter. For lovers of speology there are many caves and abysms some of which you may see but only with personal equippment. After the tour around Split you may lunch in some of the restaurants that offer delicious specialties typical for Lika region.

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